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Times can get hard, it’s time to find ways to spend less on living essentials, such as your utility bills. There are more energy sources that you can use out there apart from the primary power grid connected to our home for decades and their confusing tariffs. Solar energy has come a long way to revolutionise how we think about electricity, get more for less, and use it. Solar panel installers have increased in the last two decades as the need for solar energy has increased twofold and become very popular.

Finding the best solar panel installers can be a challenge, but you won’t need to search too long for a reputable and trustworthy installer in Kent.

We Are Solar Panel Installers In Kent

As a homeowner looking to upgrade to other alternative sources in Kent, solar panel installers Kent have you covered. Having the best firm to cater for your alternative energy requirements and help you avoid any mistakes along the way is how our company has grown. Our solar panel installers in Kent are experienced in providing recommendations to get the most out of your alternative energy source with the space that you have available.

The firm has many services based on renewable energies through the use of solar panel integrated technologies. Some of the services we will explore below include Solar PV installations, solar battery storage installation, and solar thermal heating systems installations. Before getting Kent solar panel installers to install the panels, you must understand as much as possible to make the right decisions. With years of specialisation operating within the UK, you are sure to receive the most professional installation services for any energy-saving installation you need in your home.

Solar PV

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For your home’s alternative electricity sources, you will need to install solar PV, also known as photovoltaic. There are different solar panels that you can choose for your house when consulting with the solar panel installers. You can select three types that are in the market at the moment. These are monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.

Types of Solar PV Panels

The panels have different integrated technologies and advantages over the others, so you can decide which one best fits your needs. For homes, Kent installers would prefer you use polycrystalline solar panels since they are efficient, less expensive, and more popular for most homes in the UK. The monocrystalline panels are also great since they are more efficient but can be costly. If your budget fits them, then you can opt to use this option.

Kent solar panel installers will provide you with all the information to get you started towards your ultimate free energy in your home.

Solar Battery Storage

kent solar battery storage

Solar panel installers Kent not only install the panels; they also install the batteries for power storage. The batteries are needed since the panels can’t store the electricity but are only in charge of generating it. Storing excess energy is essential so that you can use it later, especially when it’s dark and your solar panels can’t generate any electricity. There is a wide variety of storage batteries that you can use depending on your home’s power needs.

Benefits of Battery Storage

There are so many ways that solar batteries can benefit your home, especially if you live in the UK. After installing the panel and the battery, you will not be limited to relying on the national power grid to supply you with electricity. You will have fewer costs on the electricity you buy from the power grid since you can make the most out of the electricity generated by yourself and stored in your battery.

Just in case you have a power blackout, you can use your battery’s power as a backup for your home. The setup process is also easy, and you have years of energy that you can depend on no matter the changes that come within the primary power grid.

Solar Thermal

solar water heating installation kent

The firm also provides services for solar thermal systems for your home. Sustainable heating systems are set to change the industry as these will be the most sought after for most families. Having a solar-thermal hot water system is the best place to start ahead and set you apart from other homes in Kent, UK.

Benefits of Solar Thermal Systems

The installation of solar thermal systems allows you to utilise the sun’s energy to heat the water you use in your house. Through this, getting hot water is free. The benefits are endless. Some of these are:

  1. Low costs on Utility Bills
    Heating your water straight from the primary power grid comes at a cost. You can significantly reduce the bill you pay every month on your water bill by using the free energy you get from the sun. You will find yourself switching off your boilers during the warmer seasons since you only rely on solar thermal heating systems. It is estimated that your electricity bill could be lower by as much as 80%.
  2. Low Carbon Footprint
    With the changing world heading towards green energy, reduction in carbon emissions is a vast emphasis globally. Sustainable energy, such as using thermal heating systems, reduce the energy used in your home, ultimately reducing the amount of carbon emissions from each household. The system also has low running costs and low maintenance.


Solar energy is the future as more systems develop. Installing all of the above systems can significantly benefit you in ways you cannot imagine. You can make your home to be as self-sufficient as possible. The more sustainable it is, the easier your life gets enabling you to focus on the things that matter in life.

If you are located in Kent, UK, you can access all these services by directly contacting them by filling their contact form to request a callback. You can include your name, email, contact number, and a brief message.

Solar Panel Installers Kent