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Are you in the market for Solar Panel Installers UK? If that is the case, you have come to the right place. There are many solar panel installers in the market today. Therefore, browsing for Solar PV Installers near me does not guarantee easy access to the best installers. With assistance from the best solar panel installers in Kent, your renewable solar energy would be up and running within no time.

Even though solar energy has been around for many years, the technology is still generally new to many individuals. In simple terms, using solar energy involves harnessing the sun’s radiation and converting it to electricity or heat. Solar energy is harnessed using solar heating, photovoltaics (PVs), solar thermal energy and solar architecture.

Solar energy is a source of renewable energy. You can harness solar energy using two primary categories of technologies; passive solar and active solar. Harnessing solar energy through active techniques involves using concentrated solar power, solar water heating and photovoltaic systems. On the other hand, passive solar energy harnessing consists of methods such as orienting a building to the sun and using designs that allow the natural circulation of air.

If you are thinking of switching to solar energy, here are some of the benefits you can enjoy. First, using solar power gives you complete control over your electricity. Relying on utility companies for electricity can inconvenience you, especially when they schedule maintenance of the grid. Additionally, using solar energy can help you avoid paying high electricity bills monthly.

Solar PV Panels


Solar PV is a type of technology that produces electricity from solar energy directly. The solar panels you see on the rooftops of homes and businesses today are known as solar PVs. With this smart solar energy technology, you can produce electricity from the sunlight without moving parts. These are some of the benefits of using solar PVs.

  • Clean energy – PV panels harnesses radiation from the sun and convert it to electricity. Using solar PVs reduces the emission of CO2 to the environment. Therefore, it improves social responsibility and sustainability goals.
  • Low maintenance – Although solar PV panels are reliable, they require less maintenance over long periods. If you have installed solar PV panels around your property, the only maintenance practice you should carry out regularly is cleaning the panels. As long as you clean the solar panels regularly, these solar PVs are extremely reliable and can work as long as the sun is shining.
  • Low energy costs – Installing solar PV panels is one of the easiest ways to cut down on your electricity bills. Many businesses and homeowners install these solar PV panels as a backup plan for the main electricity grid. Others use these solar PV panels as the main source of electricity that runs all the operations on the premises. Doing so can reduce the reliance on utility companies for electricity, thus cutting down annual energy bills.
  • Quiet and unobtrusive – Compared to many other energy sources, solar PV panels would not cause any distractions while you are inside your house. A common alternative to solar PV energy is traditional generators. These generators can be noisy and intrusive in your daily activities. However, installing solar PV instead ensures a serene environment.

Types of Solar PV Panels


In the market today, there are three primary types of solar PV panels. These three main types are polycrystalline, monocrystalline and thin-film solar panels. All these types of solar PV panels are made differently, and each has a unique appearance. Below is a breakdown of the primary types of solar PV panels.

Polycrystalline Solar PV Panels


Also known as multi-crystalline, polycrystalline solar PV panels are the newest in the market today. Although they are the most recent development, they are quickly rising in popularity. These solar PV panels are manufactured using silicon. Compared to the other types, polycrystalline solar PV panels are cheaper due to their lower efficiency rating.

The manufacturing of polycrystalline solar PV panels is similar to that of monocrystalline panels. However, the manufacturers melt many fragments of silicon together instead of using a single crystal. This type of solar PV has less efficiency rating because electrons have less freedom to move due to multiple crystals in one cell.

Monocrystalline Solar PV Panels


Monocrystalline solar PV panels are the other great alternative for polycrystalline solar panels. Designing these solar PV panels involves forming silicon into bars and cutting them into wafers to make the cells for the panels. Manufacturers use Single-crystal silicon to manufacture these types of PV panels, hence the name ‘monocrystalline.’

The electrons in a monocrystalline solar PV panel have enough room to move around as the cell is designed using a single silicon crystal. As a result, these monocrystalline solar PV panels are more efficient compared to their polycrystalline counterparts. Additionally, they have sleeker aesthetics, making them less bulky.

Thin-film Solar PV Panels


The other popular type in the market today is the thin-film solar PV panel. As the name suggests, thin-film solar PV panels have a thin appearance that is easily identifiable. Compared to the panels that use silicon wafers, thin-film solar PV panels are more than 300 times thinner. These solar panels are also the most developed solar PV panels in the market today. Their efficiency exceeds that of monocrystalline and polycrystalline designs.

Thin-film solar PV panels are not always manufactured using silicon, as is the case with the other two types. A few examples of the materials used to make these solar PV panels include amorphous silicon and Gallium Selenide. These solar PV panels have a simple design consisting of the primary material placed between thin sheets of conductive material and a layer of relatively thick glass placed on both sides for protection.

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Solar Panel Battery Storage


As we all know, solar PV panels can only generate electricity during the day because they need sunlight. That is the reason why you need solar panel installers Tunbridge wells to install solar panel batteries. These energy-storage systems allow you to store electricity for use at another time.

Types of Solar Panel Storage Batteries


There are various types of solar batteries that you can use to store electricity generated by your solar PV panels during the day. When shopping for a solar battery, there are plenty of factors that you ought to consider. It is essential to liaise with your solar panel installers UK before deciding on the type of solar panel battery to buy for your business or home. Here a list of the top types of solar batteries in the market today.

  • Lead acid batteries – These solar batteries are reliable and long-lasting compared to any other type present in the market. There are two subcategories of lead-acid batteries; sealed lead-acid batteries and flooded lead-acid batteries. If you want to reduce solar panel installation cost, you may want to consider using any of the two sub-types as they are cheaper, making them cost-effective.
  • Lithium ion batteries – These solar panel batteries are new to the market than lead-acid storage systems. Although they are still a new addition to the energy storage industry, lithium-ion batteries have become widely used. That is because they have a long lifespan, require less maintenance, and store more energy in smaller spaces than their lead-acid storage counterparts.
  • Flow batteries – Flow batteries are yet another new addition to the energy storage sector. This design of this solar panel battery consists of a water-based electrolyte liquid that freely moves between two separate chambers insider the battery. Charging the battery induces chemical reactions that result in electricity storage and gradual discharge when you use it for lighting, among other applications.

    These solar storage batteries have the longest lifespan and require less maintenance.

  • Nickel cadmium batteries – Although these solar storage batteries are not widely used as the other three types, they are still popular because they are durable and can operate under extreme temperatures. Using nickel-cadmium batteries gives you peace of mind as they are maintenance-free and do not require complex battery management systems.

solar battery storage uk



Choosing the best solar battery can be challenging for any individual as there are plenty of options in the market. It is advisable to search “Solar PV Installers near me” to find out solar panel installation cost and determine which solar battery best suits your needs. However, here is a list of factors that can help you find the best solar battery in the market today.


  • Type of solar battery
  • Always buy quality solar batteries
  • Consider your budget
  • Consider needs and requirements



Solar energy is still a new technology in many parts of the world, even though it has been used for many years. You can use different solar PV panels to harness and convert solar energy into electricity for both commercial and domestic uses. To enjoy the advantages of solar energy, you should first contact a solar panel installer for affordable solar panel installation cost.

Once you have installed solar PV panels, you may need to buy solar storage batteries for use when there is less sunlight. You should get advice from a professional when choosing a solar storage battery as there are plenty of different options.

Times can get hard, it’s time to find ways to spend less on living essentials, such as your utility bills. There are more energy sources that you can use out there apart from the primary power grid connected to our home for decades and their confusing tariffs. Solar energy has come a long way to revolutionise how we think about electricity, get more for less, and use it. Solar panel installers have increased in the last two decades as the need for solar energy has increased twofold and become very popular.

Finding the best solar panel installers can be a challenge, but you won’t need to search too long for a reputable and trustworthy installer in Kent.

We Are Solar Panel Installers In Kent

As a homeowner looking to upgrade to other alternative sources in Kent, solar panel installers Kent have you covered. Having the best firm to cater for your alternative energy requirements and help you avoid any mistakes along the way is how our company has grown. Our solar panel installers in Kent are experienced in providing recommendations to get the most out of your alternative energy source with the space that you have available.

The firm has many services based on renewable energies through the use of solar panel integrated technologies. Some of the services we will explore below include Solar PV installations and solar battery storage installation. Before getting Kent solar panel installers to install the panels, you must understand as much as possible to make the right decisions. With years of specialisation operating within the UK, you are sure to receive the most professional installation services for any energy-saving installation you need in your home.

Solar PV

For your home’s alternative electricity sources, you will need to install solar PV, also known as photovoltaic. There are different solar panels that you can choose for your house when consulting with the solar panel installers. You can select three types that are in the market at the moment. These are monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.

Types of Solar PV Panels

The panels have different integrated technologies and advantages over the others, so you can decide which one best fits your needs. For homes, Kent installers would prefer you use polycrystalline solar panels since they are efficient, less expensive, and more popular for most homes in the UK. The monocrystalline panels are also great since they are more efficient but can be costly. If your budget fits them, then you can opt to use this option.

Kent solar panel installers will provide you with all the information to get you started towards your ultimate free energy in your home.

What’s Included With A Solar Panel Installers Kent Installation?

  • Performance estimate Validated by EPVS to approve your return on investment
  • Access equipment
  • Renusol Solar Mounting System
  • JA-Solar Monocrystalline Black Module Solar Cells
  • Solis inverter technology
  • Battery storage solution tailored to your requirements
  • PC/Smartphone/Tablet monitoring portal for Battery storage solution
  • PC/Smartphone/Tablet monitoring portal for Solar generation
  • Manufacturers warranty registration
  • 10 Year workmanship warranty
  • 10 Year maintenance plan
  • 10 Year Insurance backed workmanship guarantee

Solar Battery Storage

kent solar battery storage

Solar panel installers Kent not only install the panels; they also install the batteries for power storage. The batteries are needed since the panels can’t store the electricity but are only in charge of generating it. Storing excess energy is essential so that you can use it later, especially when it’s dark and your solar panels can’t generate any electricity. There is a wide variety of storage batteries that you can use depending on your home’s power needs.

Benefits of Battery Storage

There are so many ways that solar batteries can benefit your home, especially if you live in the UK. After installing the panel and the battery, you will not be limited to relying on the national power grid to supply you with electricity. You will have fewer costs on the electricity you buy from the power grid since you can make the most out of the electricity generated by yourself and stored in your battery.

Just in case you have a power blackout, you can use your battery’s power as a backup for your home. The setup process is also easy, and you have years of energy that you can depend on no matter the changes that come within the primary power grid.


Solar energy is the future as more systems develop. Installing all of the above systems can significantly benefit you in ways you cannot imagine. You can make your home to be as self-sufficient as possible. The more sustainable it is, the easier your life gets enabling you to focus on the things that matter in life.


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