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Have you had enough of being a cost-burdened energy consumer and  environmental observer? You’d rather become an energy producer who no longer relies on traditional energy sources.

Someone who no longer struggles with rising utility bills and now enjoys financial savings. The real you wants to move away from watching environmental issues from the sidelines and lead  by example.

Welcome to Solar Panel Installers UK, your trusted partner in leading the United Kingdom towards a brighter, greener future and a steadfast commitment to sustainability with over 14 years experience of providing solar panels in the UK.

Whether for residential or commercial needs, we understand the pressing demand to transition towards renewable energy sources.

Without any obligation on your part, allow us to create a FREE quotation for you and then discuss the quote together. By looking at your current energy requirements alongside your bespoke quotation, you’ll be able to determine whether a solar energy system is right for you.

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Solar Panel Installers UK, prioritise reliability, ensuring every installation meets the highest standards for long-term performance.

Our commitment to affordability means we offer competitive pricing and financing options to make solar energy accessible to everyone.

We never compromise on quality, using top-tier materials and technology to maximise efficiency and durability.

Plus, our exceptional customer service ensures a seamless experience from consultation to installation, and beyond. All of our staff are employed.

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What Are the Best Solar Panels to Install on UK Homes?


What Are the Best Solar Panels to Install on UK Homes?

With increasing awareness of environmental sustainability, many UK homeowners are turning to solar energy. Choosing the right solar panels is crucial to maximise efficiency and return on investment. Here, we list and discuss some of the best solar panels available for UK homes, highlighting their specifications and why they stand out.

1. LG NeON R

Power Output: Up to 380W
Efficiency: 22%
Warranty: 25-year product and performance
LG NeON R panels are renowned for their high efficiency and robust performance. The 22% efficiency ensures that even in the UK’s often overcast weather, these panels capture maximum sunlight. Their 25-year warranty provides long-term peace of mind, making them a worthwhile investment.

2. SunPower Maxeon 3

Power Output: Up to 400W
Efficiency: 22.6%
Warranty: 25-year product and performance
SunPower Maxeon 3 panels are among the highest efficiency panels on the market. Their unique cell design minimises energy loss, ensuring optimal performance even on cloudy days. The high power output and extensive warranty make them an excellent choice for UK homes looking for reliable, long-term solar solutions.

3. Panasonic HIT N330

Power Output: 330W
Efficiency: 19.7%
Warranty: 25-year product and performance
Panasonic HIT N330 panels are known for their excellent temperature coefficient, meaning they perform well even in less-than-ideal weather conditions. The hybrid technology used in these panels combines the benefits of monocrystalline and amorphous silicon, enhancing their overall efficiency.

4. Canadian Solar HiDM CS1H-335MS

Power Output: 335W
Efficiency: 19.98%
Warranty: 25-year product and performance
Canadian Solar HiDM panels offer a balance of performance and affordability. Their high module efficiency and attractive price point make them a popular choice for UK homeowners seeking quality without breaking the bank.

5. Tesla Solar Panels

Power Output: Up to 425W
Efficiency: 20.6%
Warranty: 25-year product and performance
Tesla’s solar panels are designed to seamlessly integrate with the Tesla Powerwall, offering homeowners a complete solar energy solution. The high power output and sleek design, combined with Tesla’s reputation for innovation, make these panels a compelling option for tech-savvy homeowners.

Why These Brands?
Efficiency and Performance: The UK weather can be unpredictable, with frequent cloud cover. High-efficiency panels ensure that even limited sunlight is converted into usable energy.

Warranty and Reliability: A long-term warranty provides assurance of the panel’s durability and the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. All the brands listed offer 25-year warranties.

Innovative Technology: Brands like SunPower and Tesla are at the forefront of solar technology, offering panels with advanced features that enhance performance and integration with other energy systems.

Selecting the best solar panels for your UK home involves considering efficiency, reliability, and cost. Brands like LG, SunPower, Panasonic, Canadian Solar, and Tesla offer top-tier options that cater to various needs and budgets. By investing in high-quality solar panels, homeowners  can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills while contributing to a sustainable future.

Local Solar Panel Services

Home Solar Battery Storage

Electric Vehicle Charging

Solar PV (Photovoltaic) Installation

Reducing carbon emissions while lowering your energy bills

Solar Battery Storage System

Store your excess energy for later use. Buy less from the grid

Electric Car Home Charger Installation

A dedicated EV home charging point.

A Complete End-to-End Solar Panel Installation Service

We are told time and again, post–installation, “We wish we’d had this done years ago!”

Our complete end-to-end solar panel installation service is tailored to meet your energy needs and aspirations for a greener future. Whether you’re looking to power your home with solar panels, need EV charging points for convenience, or require a comprehensive solar PV and battery system for your business or community, we’re here to make it happen.

Our holistic approach covers every aspect of your solar installation project. From the initial consultation to the final handover, our teams provide a seamless, stress-free experience. We believe in affordable solutions that supply clean energy and inspire communities to adopt reliable and sustainable practices for the long term.

Choosing us means working with a company that understands the breadth of your renewable energy ideals. Let’s start this journey together, transform those spaces with solar power, and create the way forward for a sustainable legacy that lasts.

A Recent Install in Wokingham Berkshire RG40

A birds-eye view of a solar panel installation in Wokingham, Berkshire RG40 together with an air-source heat pump.

Let us film, via our drone, your Solar Panel Installation in the UK you’ll get a healthy discount for letting us!

If you’re considering a solar panel installation for your home or business, then click here to download a free solar guide. We’ve put everything you need to know in one place for you, before you gather your quotes from solar panel installers near me.

The key to a successful solar installation is a customised plan

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Download your free solar guide. It contains valuable information that will help you when you are gathering your quotes.

National Trust logo

Working with the National Trust

The National Trust’s renewable energy projects on our properties, are instrumental in reducing reliance on fossil fuels and mitigating climate change impacts. By enhancing energy efficiency, the savings generated are redirected towards essential conservation efforts. These initiatives help preserve the countryside and support the diverse wildlife it sustains, ensuring that the cherished places under our care and control remain vibrant and teeming with life for future generations to appreciate.

These initiatives not only safeguard our natural heritage but also inspire communities to embrace sustainable practices, fostering a collective commitment to environmental stewardship and a greener future for all. Let’s work together in our mission to protect and nurture our shared planet for generations to come.

Benefits of Solar Panels For You

Saving money on electricity bills:

Solar panel installers in the UK will tell you that you can save money with a solar panel system. Every kilowatt of electricity that you self-generate means you do not buy so much from your energy supplier.

Source of renewable energy:

For anyone looking for a reliable renewable energy source, harnessing the sun’s power makes perfect sense. Have you ever looked up on a hot, sunny day and asked yourself, “I wonder how much energy the sun produces?” Incredibly, it’s enough in one hour to light up 2,880 trillion 60-watt light bulbs!

Ease of maintenance:

Most people will not have to do any maintenance whatsoever other than have the panels cleaned maybe once or twice a year. Cleaning, in addition to what is done naturally by rainfall, will increase a panel’s output. There are no moving parts.

Storage Battery:Depth of discharge:

The depth of discharge refers to the proportion of the battery that has been utilised in relation to its overall capacity. To illustrate, discharging 6 kWh from a solar battery possessing an 8 kWh capacity would result in a depth of discharge of 75% (6 kWh / 8 kWh).

A lot less pollution

Fossil fuels are renowned for polluting our environment. That becomes a lot less of an issue when you install a solar panel system on your property. One property at a time!

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