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Are you a homeowner looking for a solar panel installation in Dartford, Kent to save money on electricity bills? A solar panel installation can be the solution as it can reduce your energy bills by over 30% and as much as 80% if a solar storage battery is also installed!
Solar panel installations are now cheaper than before as there has been a drop in the cost of manufacturing solar photovoltaic cells. Plus, there’s an increase in competition among installation companies. If you care for the environment, installing solar panels can also help you support your Council’s target of reducing its CO2 emission by 60% by the year 2025. This is all whilst generating an income from the extra power that you generate and supply to the grid.

Modern solar systems also have an increased product lifecycle, which means that you will get value for your money in the long term even if the initial cost of installation is high. Well-designed and properly installed solar systems require little maintenance, as you are only required to replace the inverter after 25 years.

We Are Solar Panel Installers In Dartford

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We offer a variety of solar systems like solar PV panels, solar assisted heat pumps (hot-water 24/7), and solar battery storage systems. Our team of installers are highly-trained renewable energy engineers who are MCS-certified and RECC-registered. Our professionals also use modern equipment during installation to ensure that you get quality services and value for your money.

We are committed to helping the city transition to zero-carbon lifestyles and help households save energy. The use of solar panels is one of the best ways of reducing the need for fossil fuels and any form of non-renewable energy.

We will come up with a tailor-made solution according to your budget and the size of your roof. The roof surface exposed to direct sunlight is a proper place for your solar panels to be installed. As stated earlier, having a solar panel system as a backup for your energy needs will significantly reduce your energy bills and also save you whenever there are power blackouts.

Another benefit of solar panels is that you can generate some income by sending your surplus energy generated through the solar panels back to the national grid. Unlike the previous Feed-in-Tariff, the current Smart Export Guarantee allows homeowners to negotiate short-term contracts with different operators. This enables them to choose the provider who bids the highest fare and without exit fees. Solar panel owners in the UK can earn up to £600 per year from the sold electricity.

Solar PV Installations In Dartford

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We understand all the benefits of installing modern solar energy solutions for your home. Some of the solar technologies you can choose from include:

  1. Monocrystalline: These are the best choice for home applications due to their efficiency. Their design and construction allow more efficiency at higher temperatures. Monocrystalline solar panels are also more durable compared to others. You should, however, be prepared to pay higher for high quality and efficient technology.
  2. Polycrystalline: Most homeowners choose these solar panels as they are less expensive and still highly efficient.
  3. Thin-film: These solar panels are lightweight and highly portable. The technology is not yet popular among homeowners as it is still under development. Most people use these solar panels for mobile homes, boats and camper vans. There is a possibility that this technology may be the cheapest option in the future.

What Is The Cost Of Solar PV Installations In Dartford?

The cost of solar panel installation depends on factors like size and type of the system you choose as well as the material of the panels. We will advise you about the number of solar panels you need depending on your average energy consumption, type and size of your roof and your budget. Most households in Dartford can do with 3kW solar PV systems, which cost roughly between £4,000 and £6,000. We can discuss your needs and provide a quotation without any obligation on your part.

Solar Battery Storage Solutions In Dartford

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No matter how good your solar panels are, you cannot get maximum efficiency if you don’t have the best storage. You need solar battery storage for storing the excess and unused energy from your solar panels. Solar panels only generate electricity during the day, but we still need electricity at night. Without the batteries, your solar system will only be beneficial during the day, plus all the energy that is not in use will be lost.

Solar batteries’ capacity may drop slightly over time, but the return on your investment is worth it if you have high-quality batteries. They will give you a longer lifecycle. Below are some of the solar batteries you can use for your solar systems.

  1. Lead-acid Batteries: Lead-acid batteries are more affordable compared to other types like Lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are further classified as flooded or sealed solar batteries. The flooded lead-acid batteries require more maintenance, compared to the sealed solar batteries, but they have a longer lifespan. A flooded lead-acid battery can last for 5 to 7 years, and a sealed one, 3 to 5 years.
  2. Lithium-ion Batteries: Most homeowners prefer these batteries because they are more compact and have more capacity. Unlike Lead-acid batteries that last for five years, Lithium-ion batteries from reputable manufacturers last for a minimum of 10 years. You will pay a little more for this type of battery, but you will get a better return on your investment in the long run.

Solar Assisted Heat Pump For Your Hot Water


Are you aware that gas boilers will not be allowed in newly built homes from 2025? Renewable heating solutions like solar thermal, air-source heat pumps, and ground-source heat pumps are the solutions of the future.

It is, therefore, wise to install a solar assisted heat pump system now to follow the tide, plus you will also enjoy several other benefits.

Most people understand that their fridge uses the principles of pressure, condensing and evaporation of a fluid in a closed circuit to remove heat and reduce the temperature inside the fridge. Reversing this principle by using an aluminium evaporator panel to absorb heat rather than reject heat, allows us to utilise the ambient air temperature day and night, all weathers and all year, to change the refrigerant liquid circulating through the panel from a liquid state to a gaseous state.

The returning refrigerant, now heated and in a gaseous state is then compressed and heated further.

The compressed refrigerant is then passed through a heat exchanger where the heat is transferred to the water, heating it to 55°C.

Most installations only require one thermodynamic evaporator panel and can be installed on a wall as well as a roof, both horizontally and vertically and once installed doesn’t need to be cleaned, or re-filled to operate.

Typically our Retro-fit range is installed alongside your existing storage cylinder, within an 8 metre run of the panel. Click here for more information regarding a Retro-Fit Solar Assisted Heat Pump.

The installation of a Solar Assisted Heat Pump – be it a 130 litre, a 200litre or a 300 litre would replace the need for a storage cylinder.


With the cost of grid electricity rising every year, incorporating solar energy in your home will always be a good investment. Apart from saving on energy costs, solar energy also comes with the benefit of a clean environment and many more. We understand all these benefits of transitioning to solar energy, and that is why we remain committed to ensuring that we provide the best service for all the above solar energy solutions.

Solar Panel Installers Dartford

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