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How Does A Solar Panel System Reduce Your Electricity Bill? Solar Panel Installers Birmingham Explain...

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Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity. When sunlight hits a solar panel, it is absorbed by the photovoltaic cells and is converted into direct current (DC) electricity. The DC electricity is then sent to an inverter, which converts it into alternating current (AC) electricity. This AC electricity can be used to power your home or business, or it can be sent back to the grid if you are connected to one.

Here’s a more detailed explanation of how solar panels produce electricity:

Photons in sunlight knock electrons loose from the atoms in the photovoltaic cells, generating a flow of electricity.

The photovoltaic cells are made up of layers of semiconductor materials, usually silicon. When sunlight hits the cell, it creates an electric field across the layers.

The electric field causes the electrons to flow, creating a current. Metal conductive plates on the top and bottom of the cell collect the current and direct it through wires to the inverter.

The inverter converts the DC electricity produced by the solar panel into AC electricity, which is the type of electricity used in homes and businesses.

The AC electricity is then sent to a breaker panel, where it is distributed to the electrical devices in your home or business. Any excess electricity can be sent back to the grid if you are connected to one.

Overall, solar panels use the energy from the sun to produce electricity, which can be used to power your home or business and reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. Continued below…

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A solar inverter, also known as a photovoltaic (PV) inverter, converts the direct current (DC) electricity produced by solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity, which is the type of electricity that is used in most homes and businesses.

Here is how it works:

  1. The solar panels on the roof of a home or building capture sunlight and convert it into DC electricity.
  2. The DC electricity is then sent to the solar inverter, which is typically mounted on a suitable wall or in a loft space, maybe in a  utility room.
  3. The inverter converts the DC electricity into AC electricity, which is compatible with the electrical grid and can be used to power appliances and devices in the home or building.
  4. The AC electricity is then sent to the main electrical panel, also known as the breaker box or fuse box, where it can be distributed to different circuits and outlets throughout the home or building.

Some solar inverters are designed to work with a single solar panel or a small array of panels, while others are designed to work with larger solar systems that have many panels. There are several different types of solar inverters available, including string inverters, microinverters, and central inverters. Each type has its own unique features and benefits, and the best choice for a particular installation will depend on the specific needs and requirements of the system  Continued below…

As opposed to a “traditional” inverter, micro – inverters are devices that convert direct current (DC) electricity, which is produced by solar panels, into alternating current (AC) electricity, which is the type of electricity that is used in homes and businesses. They are typically installed in photovoltaic (PV) systems to maximize the efficiency of the system and to allow each solar panel to operate independently.

Here’s how microinverters work:

  1. Solar panels generate DC electricity when they are exposed to sunlight.
  2. The DC electricity is sent to the microinverter, which is typically mounted on the back of the solar panel or on a nearby wall.
  3. The microinverter converts the DC electricity into AC electricity using an electronic circuit.
  4. The AC electricity is then sent to a distribution panel or an electrical load, such as an appliance or a light.

Microinverters have several benefits over traditional inverters, which are used in most PV systems. For example, microinverters allow each solar panel to operate independently, which can increase the overall efficiency of the system. They also allow for easier maintenance and troubleshooting, as each solar panel can be tested and monitored individually. In addition, microinverters are typically more reliable than traditional inverters, as they have fewer components and are less prone to failure. Continued below…

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Solar storage batteries are used to store excess energy produced by solar panels so it can be used at a later time, such as when the sun is not shining or during a power outage. Here’s how they work:

  1. Solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it into direct current (DC) electricity.

  2. The DC electricity is sent to a solar inverter, which converts it into alternating current (AC) electricity that can be used by household appliances.

  3. Any excess solar energy that is not used is sent to a solar storage battery.

  4. The battery stores the excess energy in the form of chemical energy. When the battery is full, it will stop accepting more energy.

  5. When the solar panels are not producing enough energy to meet the demand (e.g., at night or during a power outage), the battery will release the stored energy in the form of AC electricity.

  6. The released energy is then sent to the household’s electrical panel and distributed to appliances as needed.

Solar storage batteries come in a variety of sizes and types, including lead-acid, lithium-ion, and nickel-metal hydride. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, such as cost, lifespan, and efficiency.

Is A Solar Panel Installation Right For Me?

Solar Panel Installers Birmingham invite you to click the link below
which they consider to be an easy to understand and concise
explanation of the energy situation in the UK as laid out by Liz Truss recently. (opens in a new window)

Having looked at that and in order for you to carry out your own due diligence regarding “is a Solar Panel Installation right for me?” all of our quotations include this very important and useful information listed below.

Solar Panel Installers Birmingham will ensure that any estimate of savings, periods of recovery (‘payback’) or other measures of financial effectiveness they provide to their potential customer’s are provided in writing and are based on the potential customer’s actual energy use and pattern of energy use. Any assumptions that have been made (for example, about future energy prices, interest rates or inflation) will be set out, clearly explained and attributed to a reputable source.

We look forward to helping you decide. Click here to discover your options.

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Your Invitation To Discover Your Options Regarding A Solar Panel Installation In The West Midlands.

There will be hundreds of solar panels and batteries installed in the West Midlands today! A big well done to those folk! You’re saving a lot of money and better still, you’re in control of the future price increases that will hit household and commercial electricity bills.

If you’re in Birmingham or elsewhere in the West Midlands and considering installing solar panels, then contact us today and discover your options.

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Installing The Best Solar Panels In Birmingham

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Solar Panel Installers Birmingham

We only install brands that are historically proven to be safe and reliable.

“The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot – it can’t be done.

If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is as well to add something for the risk you run. And if you do that, you will have enough to pay for something better.”

Is My Home Suitable For Solar PV Panels?

The installation of solar panels into the UK’s homes and businesses has become increasingly popular recently, with rising energy costs being the main reason. Despite the outrageous price hikes in domestic and business energy, many people have been wondering if it’s still worth installing solar panels in the UK.

After all, the cost of solar panels has increased dramatically in the past few years, and there’s a lot of debate about whether solar energy is really worth it these days.

When it comes to energy, solar energy is one of the most affordable and environmentally friendly options out there.

Here are some topics that we are asked about frequently:

  1. Solar panel battery storage
  2. Buying advice for solar panels
  3. How solar PV systems work
  4. Solar panel installation
  5. Is solar PV a good investment?
  6. Solar panel problems and how to solve them
  7. How much do solar panels cost

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Solar Panel Installers Birmingham. - F.A.Q's

Solar Panel Installers Birmingham.

Some More Solar Panel Installation Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What kind of solar panel should I buy?

2. What is the best time to install my new solar panels?

3. How much will a typical solar installation cost me?

4. When can I expect my electricity bill to go down after installing new solar panels?

5. Can you help me understand what factors impact the performance of my new solar panel system?

6. Will moving or modifying my existing roof affect how well my newly installed Solar Panels work?”

Our bespoke feasibilty study of your home or business will allow us to answer any or all of the above
questions more accurately, rather than provide you with a “guesstimate.”

Call the number on this page today or drop your details into the form lower down this page and get the answers you’re after.

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Solar energy systems

With the unit cost of electricity set to rise in October 2022  ***UPDATE***

Electricity prices are set to rise by a further 20% in April 2023.

Click here for a full explanation.  (opens in a new window) and you know that won’t be the end of it! –  we’re experiencing a huge increase in enquiries. 

We are asked many questions that our Renewable Energy Consultants are happy to answer. Here’s a few:

“How much does it cost to install solar panels in Birmingham/West Midlands?”

“How much does it cost to install a 4.0 kW solar system?”

“Are solar panels worth it 2022?”

“Can you fit solar panels onto a flat roof?”

“Which solar panels are best?”

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If you’re searching for “the best solar panel installers near me” – you’ve found us!

Solar Panel Installers Birmingham have been recommended and trusted by countless household’s, businesses and commercial developer’s for many years.

Solar Panel Installers Birmingham also install solar panels in Coventry as well as the boroughs of Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall, and Wolverhampton. We install solar panels in the West Midlands for commercial properties, property developer’s and of course, homeowners.

Even more so recently (we updated this section in March 2022) with the advent of outrageous energy prices coming our way very soon, together with an increased awareness of our global warming situation and the intended reduction in the use of fossil fuels.

Almost all of our solar panel installs in Birmingham now include a solar storage battery. Our energy surveyors take a close look at your consumption being used currently whilst they’re carrying out a feasibility study and will then (if necessary) factor in future purchases that use electricity –  electric vehicles, hot-tubs, house extension and not forgetting a growing family! 

Our feasibility studies are bespoke for your needs, A comment that we often hear from satisfied customer’s is, “Your energy surveyor went into details that we would never have thought about, we have now invested for the future as well! No-one else did that.”

Watch the short video below which covers some important points to be aware of when considering a solar panel installation for your property in Birmingham


The infographic on the right-hand side is a concise way of showing you the benefits to installing both solar panels and a battery together.

It’s worth mentioning that the VAT rate for a retrospective installation of a solar battery is charged at 20%. ***Update*** Currently 0%

If the solar storage battery is installed at the same time as the solar array, the VAT is charged at 5%, the same as is for the solar panels. That’s a tempting saving as well as a way to use far more of the electricity that you generate yourself and therefore buying a lot less from the grid.

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Thanks for visiting our page! Take a look around, gather the information that you’re looking for and give us a call to arrange your quotation or if you prefer, drop your details into the form on the page

We’d also like you to take a look at our national solar panel installers site. When you’ve clicked the blue link above, scroll down to just after the two infographics on the page and read the section called: “Domestic Energy Bills – 2022”

Hopefully, you’ll find it interesting, not necessarily what you’d like to read but it’s just how it is. Give yourself some options.

Alternative “green” energy is becoming more popular with solar systems taking the biggest share of the green market. These systems produce DC electricity from sunlight and convert it to AC using the inverter, which is then used in the household.

Solar PV panels can be seen just about anywhere in Birmingham, West Midlands, and throughout the UK. For those who are yet to adopt solar energy or just looking to get more informed, you have come to the right place as we have covered every important topic you need to know about solar panel installation. Be sure to read to the end so you can make informed decisions.

We Are Solar Panel Installers In Birmingham

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You’ll also experience significant savings with solar energy. The cost of solar panels has dropped significantly in recent years, and with no moving parts to break down, you will also save on maintenance. Since you will be generating power, your energy costs will drop. How much you save on your current electricity bills will depend on the size of your solar system, its energy efficiency rate, and your energy consumption needs.

Did you know that your solar system can earn you some money? The government’s feed-in tariff will pay you for every unit of electricity you generate and offer a bonus payment if you feed it back to the national grid. Other popular grants for solar energy are the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, the average combined savings and earnings from solar panel installation can range between £305-495 a year. Far more than that if you also invest into a solar storage battery.

If you are ready to cash in on all these and more benefits, the next logical step is to hire us to fit the solar panels for you.

We Also Install Solar Energy Solutions For Businesses In Birmingham & The West Midlands

Is Solar Power For You?

If you’re like most business owners in the West Midlands, your answer to that question is probably a resounding yes! Solar power can be a constructive and profitable way for businesses to reduce their expenses and even generate extra income. Here are some key reasons why investing in solar might be the right decision for your business:

– Solar panels provide free power – This is something that’s really valuable at a time when energy prices continue to rise. Not only will this save you money on your monthly bills but it can also contribute to additional profit margins.
 – Reduced emissions – As well as providing free power, solar panels can also help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) that’s emitted into the atmosphere. That’s not just good news from an environmental standpoint – it’s also beneficial financially! Lower emissions mean lower insurance costs, reduced engineering fees, and more positive financial implications overall. 
– Low initial investment cost – Unlike other forms of energy such as fossils fuels or nuclear reactors, installing solar PV doesn’t require any huge upfront investments or long-term commitments. You’ll get all the benefits of solar without having to put up with any unpleasant surprises down the line. 
 Simply contact us today and we’ll take care of everything else!
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Solar Battery Storage Birmingham

Solar panel systems have been complemented by solar battery storage solutions, turning this technology into a significantly more efficient source of sustainable energy. That’s because solar batteries store excess (unused) energy generated by the solar system for later use. It is when daylight hours have disappeared or on cloudy days or during power blackouts that solar battery storage solutions come in handy to power your home/office.

As long as your power demands don’t exceed the supply your battery can provide, you can run your home on renewable energy around the clock. In addition to lowering your energy costs, a solar panel battery allows you to become independent from the national grid, thus ensuring energy security for your household. You can even earn money selling the extra stored energy to the grid.

All these benefits seem enticing, but you’re probably wondering how much this cost you. Well, the cost of a solar battery storage system in the West Midlands ranges from £1,200 to £6,000, depending on the type of the battery and brand, its capacity, chemical composite, and lifespan. Another important factor to consider when choosing a solar battery storage system is the Depth of Discharge (DoD), which is how much you can use the battery before recharging. Lithium-ion solar batteries are a popular choice for being cost-effective, compact, and with more capacity. Alternatively, you can go for AC or DC batteries.

Solar Panel Installers Birmingham & myenergi Products

Our mission is to help you reduce and then control your electricity bill. We want you to be able to self-consume as much of the green energy your solar array produces, rather than export any excess back into the grid. At the same time, creating a kinder and more sustainable future, together.

We’re relentless in our pursuit of transforming living and working environments with green energy solutions.

We install hundreds of homes and businesses in Birmingham and the West Midlands with our renewable energy products, car chargers and smart devices. We are local to you, wherever you are in the West Midlands and together with our employed installation engineers, can help your home or business to generate your own green energy and seriously reduce your bill.

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Overview Of A Solar Panel Array & myenergi System

UK’s #1 solar power diverter

Click here and watch the above in action.

Use your excess energy and save. 

Bring an eddi into your home and you can make the most of the 100% green energy generated from your solar PV or wind generation system.

Rather than exporting excess generation back to the grid as per a standard PV system, with our intelligent eddi power diverter, that extra power generation is instead diverted back to your heating systems, thus heating water on 100% self generated green energy.

Your eddi power diverter will include a grid current sensor, aka a CT Clamp (Current Transformer), which monitors your power generation and diverts the excess to your heating devices. The eddi logs all energy saving data to enable ongoing savings by optimising usage


The worlds first solar EV charger


Click here to see about Zappi

This future proof, intelligent electric car charging is conceived, evolved, and manufactured in-house right here in the UK.

A solar EV charger works by allowing you to use excess solar to power up your car. Generating solar energy requires solar panels (PV) to be fitted to your home or place of work, but the energy generated through the solar panels is totally free, essentially giving you free miles!

Light energy produced by the sun is called a photon. It is the most basic, fundamental particle of all light. It is these photons in natural daylight that are converted by solar panel cells to produce electricity. This small bundle of electromagnetic energy is constantly in motion. Simply put, a solar panel works by allowing photons, or particles of light, to bounce into electrons setting them free from atoms, generating a flow of electricity.


Installing solar panels is a great way to save money in the long run and help the environment by providing clean, sustainable energy. Make the transition to green energy today. We offer a range of high-quality solar panel products bespoke to every client’s power needs and budget. And, as leading experts in solar panel system design and installation, we can help you improve your home’s or business’s energy efficiency so you can save as much as possible.

If you need further information on solar panel installation in Birmingham, West Midlands, and the UK at large, kindly get in touch with us today!



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Some Solar Panel Installation Frequently Asked Questions:

Solar panels near Birmingham vary in price depending on the size and brand of the panel. On average, a typical solar panel ranges from $300 to $600 per panel. However, the total cost of the system depends on the number of panels needed to power the household.

Solar panels in Birmingham are a worthwhile investment that provides long-term savings on electricity bills and helps reduce carbon emissions. With the increasing popularity of renewable energy, now is the time to jump in!

Yes, it is worth installing solar panels in Birmingham. The UK is still a great location for solar power due to the abundance of daylight hours. Additionally, government schemes such as the Smart Export Guarantee make it easier for homeowners to earn money by selling their excess solar energy back to the grid.

Plus, with the UK’s commitment to net zero carbon emissions by 2050, installing solar panels in Birmingham can also help reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

According to a report by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, homes with solar panels sell for up to 14% more than those without. In addition, homes with solar panels near me tend to sell faster on the market.

The value added by solar panels is dependent on various factors such as location, energy efficiency, and panel quality. Overall, investing in solar panels is a wise decision as it can not only benefit the environment but also your wallet.

On average, a Birmingham house requires approximately up to 20 solar panel in Birmingham to power its daily needs. However, this number may vary depending on factors such as the size of the house and its energy consumption levels.

To put things in perspective, a typical 3-bedroom house would need 10 panels and a 5-bedroom house will require approximately 14 panels or more based on your energy requirements.

In Birmingham, where temperatures often drop below freezing, the best solar battery is a lithium-ion battery, like the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. It has a long lifespan and can withstand harsh weather conditions without losing its capacity or efficiency.

LiFePO4 batteries also have a high discharge rate and can power up a variety of applications like heaters, pumps, and lighting systems. So, if you want to make the most of your solar panels in Birmingham’s cold weather, LiFePO4 batteries are an excellent investment.

Absolutely! Birmingham may not be known for its sunny weather, but the city still receives plenty of sunlight throughout the year. Solar panels with solar battery storage near me will enable homeowners to store excess energy generated during the day and use it at night or during peak usage times.

This will not only reduce your energy bills but also lower your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner environment. Investing in solar panels with battery storage is a wise decision that will benefit you and the planet in the long run.

Yes, it is recommended to hire a certified electrician to install solar panels. Birmingham solar panels need to be wired to your home’s electrical system and the connection must be done properly to avoid potential safety hazards or damage to the panels. Only a professional electrician with solar experience can ensure the wiring is done safely and accurately.

In addition, a licensed electrician will obtain any necessary permits and inspections required by the city or county to ensure the installation meets code standards. It’s always better to have a professional take care of the installation of such an important investment like solar panels.

Solar batteries can last for years in storage, depending on their quality and the storage conditions. According to the solar battery storage companies in Birmingham, high-quality lithium-ion batteries can retain most of their capacity for a long time and last for at least ten years, while lead-acid batteries may last two to three years in ideal conditions.

It’s important to check and maintain solar batteries regularly to ensure their long-term performance. By taking care of solar batteries, they can provide reliable energy storage for many years to come.

Yes, you do get cheaper electricity with the best solar panels. Solar energy is becoming increasingly accessible, making it an excellent alternative to traditional electricity. With the installation of solar panels, your electricity bills will drastically decrease as you produce your own electricity.

Plus, you may also be eligible for incentives and tax breaks, making the initial investment in solar panels a worthwhile and cost-effective decision in the long run. So, yes, investing in solar panels means you will get cheaper electricity over time.

To find a reliable solar panel installer in Birmingham, there are a few steps to take.

  • Do some research online and read reviews from past customers. This will help you narrow down the list of potential installers.
  • Ask friends and family members who have installed solar panels near me if they have any recommendations.
  • Check if the installer is certified and has the necessary qualifications. Finally, get quotes from different installers and compare prices and services offered.

Remember to prioritise quality over cost, as investing in a reputable solar panel installer can save you money in the long run.

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