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Thanks in advance for contacting us. We are not going to waffle on here about how experienced we are in the installation of our technologically advanced systems.

You’ll form your own opinions of us by the way we handle your initial call, carry out a feasibility study, answer all of your questions to your complete satisfaction and finally hand you a detailed quotation.

This is all about you.

Whatever the case, you want a solar panel installation company that won’t:

  • Talk over your head.
  • Rush your decision-making process.
  • Pressure you into buying.
  • Charge you an arm and a leg (or a left foot.)
  • Go MIA (missing in action) halfway through the project.
  • Make you feel guilty about nit-picking their work (we’re perfectionists, too!)
  • Be harder than Lord Lucan to get a hold of.
  • Leave your back garden looking like the aftermath of a street party.

Pop your details into the form below and we’ll respond ASAP. If you prefer email then click here. Alternatively, call us on 01183 385 065 and we’ll organise a feasibility study at a convenient time for you. Thanks for the opportunity, now let’s clean up the environment and start saving a LOT of money!

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