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Growatt Inverters serving a block of flats

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Our Weekly Workshop

Once a week, our lead engineer heads up an online workshop via Google Meet, where he explains how the various components of a solar PV system, come together to generate your own electricity. It’s very popular, very informal and highly informative.

He takes you behind the scenes and shows you how our powerful software, designs the optimum layout of homes and commercial properties, subject to available space and orientation.

Why this panel type, this inverter and this storage battery might be better for you than this panel type, this inverter or this storage battery.

Solar panels, Inverters and storage batteries are all broken down and discussed.

Your utility bill plays a very important part in the correct sizing of your system for both the number of panels and battery size.

If you’ve had an “accurate” quotation for solar without your utility bill(s) being looked at – then you haven’t!

Your questions are answered as one size does not fit all!

We decided to run these workshops after analyzing the content, comments and experiences of people at different stages of their solar journey as posted in the various forums across the internet. There is so much confusion and mis-information.

It doesn’t make the best reading in our humble opinion.

Individual quotations are not carried out at these workshops, they are held to give you a really good understanding of what type of system might be best for you based on your current energy usage and potentially, your future usage (an increase in electricity usage – extensions, EV purchase, children becoming teenagers 😊 etc) and of course, time spent in the property.

One enormous advantage for sitting in on these workshops is the variety of questions that are asked by the attendees – you’ll leave feeling a lot more confident and knowledgeable as you continue your solar journey.

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